Only Quality Materials

Safety & Security

At Avery Electric, Inc. we use Siemens and Square D breakers, switch gear, and disconnects. We install P&S devices and plates that are washable, unbreakable and attractive. We use Fire-X brand smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, both available together in a single unit if you choose. For recessed can lighting we use Lithonia with one piece metal painted trims that wont yellow.

Switches & Accessories

Switches are available in both toggle and decorator styles in white, light almond, ivory, black, red, brown and more. Receptacle outlets are available in standard, 2 and 3 wire, GFCI protected, decorator style, as a switch outlet combination, or as a switch night light combination. Motion sensors may be installed to replace an existing switch for clothes closets or pantry or other room, they may also be located on the ceiling or wall. Motion detectors can be installed outdoors either remote from, or integral with lighting fixtures. Cameras can be mounted at the front door or elsewhere on the house or business and can patch into your intercom system, tv or computer server.

Lighting & Heat

Tile heat is available for warm floor in mat or cable form. We can provide and install ceiling resistance heaters or heat lamp as well as standard or oil filled baseboard heaters. Electric unit heaters are available in many voltage configurations and for many different applications. We provide and install all types of commercial and residential lighting from landscape and security lights to commercial high bay, high output fluorescent fixtures and troffers.

Surge Protection & More

We provide and install all types of surge protection, both single location or whole house. We install dedicated ground circuits with UPS for your delicate electronic equipment. We provide power service to any type of electrical appliance or equipment including air conditioners, hot tubs, out buildings, tank heaters, shop tools, welders, portable pools, ponds, RV outlets, whole house ventilators, compressors etc.